Term 2, Week 5

Term 2, Week 5

Year 6M Term 2, Week 5 It’s all about integrity in Year 6.  In Health, we have looked at racism, tolerance and bullying.  These are big issues that affect us on a day to day basis, and we need to make sure we use integrity and stand up for what is true and right.  We...
Term 2, Week 5

Term 2, Week 5

Year 5M Term 1, Week 5 In Year 5M the students have returned to school and have quickly settled back to their usual routine. They have shown great determination over the past month and every student showed their capability to achieve well across the curriculum. The...
Term 2, Week 5

Term 2, Week 5

Year 4M Term 2, Week 5 It is so lovely to have all students back at school for Term 2, I am so proud of our students settling into the new routines so quickly. 4M have been focusing on our school value of integrity. In our discussions we have come to an understanding...
Term 2, Week 5

Term 2, Week 5

Year 3M Term 2, Week 5 The 3M students have worked hard to get back into the swing of things after an interesting few weeks of home learning. We started off by revising our school RICE values and have been specifically focusing on integrity. We talked about ensuring...
Term 2, Week 5

Term 2, Week 5

Year 2M Term 2, Week 5 It has been wonderful to have all of our lovely Year 2s back at school. The students have been working so hard and having a lot of fun along the way. In class, we researched the meaning of integrity, and came up with a definition: Integrity is...

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