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Term 2, Issue 9

HaSS Pre-Primary

This term during HaSS, we have been learning that past events or commemorations are an important part of our history. We have investigated the sequence of when these commemorations occur and how we show integrity when we celebrate them. We learnt that everyone can commemorate the same event differently around the world. Dreamtime stories have been used to remember commemorations from the past through stories. We enjoyed listening to the story of Tiddalik and learning how the animals in the bush displayed integrity by all working together and making good choices.

HaSS Year 1

In Year 1 this term during History, we have been exploring time through photos of the stages of life and using terminology including yesterday, today, a long time ago, past, present and future. Students showed integrity by following the rules when describing themselves as a baby, a child and how they might look in the future.  We are learning how we can record memories and celebrate significant events. We will be investigating how change can happen to a person quickly or over time and list changes that may happen in Year 1. Whilst recounting our recent birthday celebrations students worked together and made good choices again displaying integrity.

Mrs Luisa Durkin
HaSS Pre-Primary and Year 1 Specialist Teacher

HaSS Year 4

In Year 4, many children researched a prominent Australian after learning about Adam Goodes in class. Our discussion included how integrity is evident in the lives of these famous Australians. The research was completed independently. Joanna proudly shared her information on Saint Mary MacKillop of the Cross and Gurmohit displayed excellent research on Bryce Cotton. Children also had the option of completing a coat of arms for their family, and Michael displays his fabulous design in the photo below. Many of our RICE values including integrity were displayed in the coat of arms.

HaSS Year 6

A comparison of our RICE values at OLA and in our Australian society was a focus at the beginning of the term. Values, including integrity, were identified and explained by each of the Year 6 students. Their posters are all on display in both the classrooms. Have a look at the photos of the great work!

Year 6 Humanities and Social Sciences classes have researched, ‘How a Bill Becomes A Law’. They have completed the research and a three-dimensional component. The 3D displays are in the library for viewing. They range from a cardboard Parliament House to a clay model of Scott Morrison! In Year 6, we have discussed the integrity of our political leaders in these strange and difficult times of COVID-19. We look to our school leaders, both adults and students to continue to display this value as we move on together.

Mrs Mary Barclay
HaSS Years 2-6 Specialist Teacher