Term 2, Week 5

This term has been unique is so many different ways and our Kindy children have shown fantastic resilience with the many changes. We are missing not being together in our Kindy M family but are keeping in touch with friends at home and completing many of the same fun activities that we can share in together!

We have been exploring nature at Kindy and have been looking for positives in nature through exploring how we can grow seeds. We have planted seeds and are patiently watching them grow! We also thought about how we can show or ‘plant’ our own seeds of kindness by completing kind deeds for friends and family. Creating special ‘Gratitude Nature Sculptures’ has been another way to search for positives. We thought of ways that we can be grateful in our lives and created special leaves with these thoughts to go on our sculptures. 

We have also learnt more about what it means to have integrity. We listened to the story, Pig the Fibber, by Aaron Blabey and discussed the choices Pig the Pug made, and how he needed to learn to show integrity. We learnt about how integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. In class we have been working hard to show integrity during our learning and play. We discussed how we can be fair when sharing toys, taking turns in our learning areas and by making good choices with our friends.

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