Years 1 and 2 students participated in the 2017 Junior Swim Carnival. After a water aerobics warm up the children
completed a kickboard and noodle race, a running race, an obstacle course and a table tennis ball challenge.

Some Year 2 children swam a freestyle race and showed how speedy they were.They were assisted by a fantastic group of Year 6 students.

Students in Year 3-6 will be participating in their Senior Swim carnival on Thursday 9 March. You will find a copy of the program
via this link . This is also available on the office window. A program with children’s names and divisions
has been posted on the Library window. Thank you to those people who have volunteered to help. If you are able to do so,
please let me know as I need 8 time keepers and ribbon givers.
Sporting Schools Golf Club commences next Thursday 9 March for those children in Year 1 and 2 who have returned their forms.
The list of participating children will be posted on the window outside the office.