Our TOM group will meet at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup on Saturday  to participate in their Regional finals.

Our team have chosen the Engineering/Mathematics challenge which is as follows:


One Way Trip


It may be a one-way trip but too many people want to have the chance to be the first to live on Mars, even though there is no chance of ever returning to Earth! A lottery is needed to reduce the number of potential candidates from which the spaceship crews will be selected. However,some concerned scientists fear that the lottery will eliminate too many desirable candidates. They need to try and rig the result to include preferred candidates whose lottery numbers they can select!




Design and build a lottery machine that randomly delivers a subset of numbered balls to determine which of the more than a million candidates will proceed to the next selection round, by having the three winning numbers. To have a secret modification that cannot be easily detected, which will improve the odds of preferred candidates being selected. To explain and justify why these candidates need to be preferred.