Term 2, Week 3

Our time together as a smaller group has given us great opportunity to reflect on our OLA values and ensure that we are always putting them in place. One area of focus has been playing Four Square! We used the start of Term 2 as a way to practise our integrity and demonstrate this value. We were taught the rules of Four Square and we found that by following the same set of rules, it made the game so much better! We found that once we understood how the game worked it was so much easier for us to accept ‘going out’ when we were out, and we showed our integrity by simply following the rules and being honest and truthful to ourselves and our players of the game. Now, we know how to play properly, how to stay in (we are still competitive!) and how to ‘go out with integrity’. We know that integrity means that we are honest and truthful in our actions. Now, we are making sure that we take this value and apply it to everything else we do! We have loved learning about this value by playing the game of Four Square. We now have the task to be sure that all our classmates have the opportunity to know the rules and know how to play the game well – this is part of our approach to integrity.  


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