OLA has a strong music tradition and participates each year in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 engage in a range of music activities and experiences through singing and playing various instruments. They have opportunities in the music classroom to compose, create and perform music while developing a repertoire of songs that target specific skills appropriate to their level of learning music.

We have a Year 5 choir that rehearse regularly and sing at masses and other school events. Music is important in our school as it is linked to the cultural and spiritual development of our students.

The Instrumental Music Program at OLA allows students to privately learn a wide range of instruments in lessons with highly qualified tutors from Keyed up Music, individually or in small groups. Some of the instruments that are taught are: drums and percussion; keyboard; piano; flute; clarinet; and guitar. This program is paid for by the parents with lessons offered before, during and after school.