Wellbeing and Inclusivity for All

Wellbeing and inclusiveness is supported through the Sensory Program and lunchtime Lego and Chess Clubs.

Weekly lessons occur in each class to discuss the school’s core values: Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. The RICE values play an integral part of the educational and pastoral care philosophy at Our Lady’s Assumption School. Students receive RICE awards for the values they have displayed within the school setting.

At OLA, we acknowledge the skills learned from STEM will enhances children’s thinking in this ever changing 21st century world.  A Scitech STEM program is offered at OLA. This program is facilitated by Scitech personnel in the Curiosity Lab.  Students have the opportunity to register and participate in the STEM program once a week after school for approx. 14 weeks throughout the year.

We are fortunate to have a social worker on staff who attends the school two days per week. She is available to service the needs of individual students and families within the OLA community.

The Intervention Team delivers intervention programs to accelerate identified students. Collaboration and communication with classroom teachers is an important part of this process. In accordance with best practice, early intervention is our priority, however, assistance is offered throughout all year levels.