2019 Staff




Teaching Levels/Roles Names


Curriculum & Staff Pedagogy Team Member

Greg Martin


Assistant Principal (ECE Leader), Kindy Relief, Targeted Intervention Leader and Curriculum & Staff Pedagogy Coordinator (Leader) Vel Erskine
Assistant Principal (ICT and Year 3 – 6 Leader) and Curriculum & Staff Pedagogy Coordinator (Leader) and Gifted & Talented Leader Michael Morris
Pre-Kindergarten Simone Taylor
Kindergarten G Elaine Fruvall
Kindergarten M Simone Taylor
Pre-Primary G Sabrina Saraceni
Pre-Primary M

Michelle Symmons (Mon – Wed)

Ella Galipo (Thu – Fri)

Year 1G Maree Noonan
Year 1M Tina Ravi
Year 2G Jade Rotondo
Year 2M

Julie Pilatti (Mon – Thu)

Jodie Stewart (Fri)

Year 3G Christine Peters
Year 3M Maree Musca
Year 4G Tiana Versace
Year 4M

Rebecca Smith (Mon – Wed)

Anella Tollis (Thu – Fri)

Year 5G Vanessa Knight
Year 5M Brian McIntyre
Year 6G Stephanie Figueira
Year 6M Bruno De Pietro
Music Mary McAuliffe
Sport Jodie Stewart
Italian Paola Pizzo
Science (Years PP – 1) and Enterprise & Initiative Kristen Dempster
Science (Years 2 – 6), Targeted Intervention Team Member and Enterprise & Initiative Colette Meyerkort
HASS (Years PP – 2) and Enterprise & Initiative Luisa Durkin
HASS (Years 3 – 6) and Enterprise & Initiative Mary Barclay
Targeted Intervention Team Member, Reading Recovery, Gifted & Talented and Kindy Relief Belinda Mitchell
Curriculum & Staff Pedagogy Coordinator (Assistant Leader) Rebecca Smith
Targeted Intervention Team Members

Lidia La Rosa

Julie Couper

Holly Lombardi

Bernadette Leatherland

Lucy Coniglio

Intensive Intervention Team Member Jenny McLeod
Intensive Intervention Team Member Lauren Dean
Intensive Intervention Team Member Angela Ireland
Intensive Intervention Team Member, Targeted Intervention Team Member and Curriculum & Staff Pedagogy Coordinator Team Member Anella Tollis
Intensive Intervention Team Member (Special Needs) Nicholas Erskine
Pre-Kindergarten – Education Assistant Afroditi Bolzonella
Kindergarten G – Education Assistant Jane Sloss
Kindergarten M – Education Assistant Lucy Coniglio
Pre-Primary G – Education Assistant

Fran Pastorelli (Mon – Wed)

Denice Lombardo (Thu – Fri)

Pre-Primary M – Education Assistant Karen Whittaker
Social Worker Juliet Lennon
Principal’s PA and Business Manager Karen Meleca
Administration Officer Chris Balen
Library Technician Claire Dale
Canteen Manageress Maria Giangiulio
Groundsman/Maintenance Franco Arace