The School Counsellor

  • Assists and supports students where social and emotional issues may be impacting on their education.

  • Assists and supports parents in regard to any issues their child may be having.

  • Works closely with school staff but also respects families’ and students’ privacy.

  • Can provide advice, education and information on parenting matters, community resources, social skills, wellbeing and mental health.

  • Will refer students/families to outside counsellors, services or community agencies as necessary.

  • Works alongside the school psychologist.


Download a referral form to the School Counsellor.


What training does a School Counsellor have?

School Counsellors have a degree that includes counselling, the study of child development, child rearing and parenting, social analysis and community development.

If you have any questions about the school counsellor service at OLA, you are welcome to contact the School Counsellor or the principal.


Information about Counselling

In addition to other student- support tasks, the School Counsellor provides counselling for students as part of the school’s pastoral care program. The School Counsellor will always seek permission from the parent before engaging with a student. Any student or parent is welcome to use this service.

Discussions and any records made are considered as private and treated very confidentially. Any discussions with other school staff will only be as required for the student’s welfare and with the students and parent’s permission.


Common Reasons for Contacting a School Counsellor

  • Change or loss in the family for example separation, divorce, death.
  • Reluctance to attend school
  • Friendship and social difficulties
  • Physical and mental health issues affecting the family such as anxiety and depression
  • Difficulty settling into school
  • Issues related to learning
  • Developmental and behavioural issues


Supporting individual students is the main part of what the School Counsellor does. Other roles include:

  • Supporting teachers with information and resources in regard to issues such as protective behaviours and social skills, student and staff wellbeing.

  • Running groups for dealing with issues such as friendships and grief and loss.


There is no cost for the parents for the School Counsellor service.