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School Board

The School Board is responsible for the financial management and future planning of the school. The School Board administers all the finances associated with the school and is responsible to the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia. Income received by the school consists of parent paid school fees, levies, State and Commonwealth Government Grants and Parish contributions.

Functions of the School Board include:

  1. planning for the present and future operation of the school;
  2. providing membership on selection panels for the employment of staff to the School in accordance with Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia policy;
  3. providing membership on the panel that recommends the appointment of a Principal in accordance with Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia policy;
  4. disseminating information about the School and about Catholic education to persons and organisations in the School community;
  5. liaising in all matters relating to the financial management of the School with persons and organisations in the local Catholic Community;
  6. managing all the finances associated with the school; and
  7. advising the Principal with respect to school policy.


The School Board members include the Principal, the Parish Priest, representatives of the Parents and Friends Association, the Parish Council and six other parents who are elected at the Annual School Community Meeting.

The School Board for 2020 consists of the following elected members of the community:

  • Chairperson: Amanda Cipriani
  • Deputy Chairperson: Dani Wares
  • Treasurer: Nathan Leber
  • Secretary: Laura Ocello
  • Parish Representative: Nathan Leber
  • P&F Representative to the Board: Narelle Roberts
  • Members: Natalie Adams, Mark La Cava, Nigel Swavley and Brooke Tran
  • Ex Officio/Parish Priest: Fr. Kenneth D’Souza
  • Ex Officio/Principal: Greg Martin
  • Non-Members/Assistant Principals: Michael Morris and Rebecca Smith


The School Board meets as outlined in the School Calendar. The Annual General Meeting is held in November of each year. A report by the Board Chairperson is given, the provisional budget for the ensuing year is presented and new Board Members are elected.