Embracing Learning Diversity

Our Lady’s Assumption School provides a diverse approach to teaching and learning, to cater for all of the unique needs of our students.


Intensive Intervention and Teaching Sprints

The Intensive Intervention program at Our Lady’s Assumption School supports the needs of students in the areas of English and Maths across all year levels. Intensive Intervention teachers are assigned to small groups of children and provide an intensive learning program to address the area of need through a Teaching Sprint. Teaching Sprints are evidence informed teaching programs that are designed to target the student’s needs through regular ‘hits’ over a short period of time. Very close communication between the classroom teacher, intervention teacher and parents ensure the progress of each student is monitored. Students receive meaningful and effective intervention, resulting in pleasing improvements.


REACH Program

REACH (Reasoning Endeavour Analysing Challenging Higher Order Thinking) currently involves 60 children per week from Year 3-6. It is a program designed to cater for those students who demonstrate higher order thinking and/or reasoning skills or have been identified as being more capable academically. We use up to date technology to critically think, problem solve and further develop our skills to design, make and appraise. Through project-based learning, the students use Spheros, Maker’s Empire, 3D printing, MicroBits, Makey Makeys and Lego Mindstorm Kits.