Principal’s Message

As the principal of Our Lady’s Assumption School (OLA), I warmly welcome you to our wonderful school. I have been at OLA since 2018 and witnessed a change in culture, teaching pedagogy as well as an increase in student achievements, ensuring we’re catering for the needs of all students, to the best of our ability. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and this is the approach we have taken at OLA, a whole school approach to the way we learn, communicate and educate our students.

OLA is a double stream co-educational school. The school was opened in 1965, by the Dominican Sisters, it caters for students from 3 Year Old Kindergarten to Year 6, and has a very strong connection with the Our Lady’s Assumption Church, which is on-site.

At OLA, we strive to develop each child’s full potential by recognising their individual giftedness as part of God’s creation. Learning is facilitated through a developmental approach that promotes cooperative and inquiry-based learning, which are strengthened by the use of up to date technology. We provide a relevant, comprehensive and varied curriculum to suit a wide range of student needs, interests and abilities. All of these processes can only assist each child, to be the best that they can be, at any given time.

Parents are the foremost educators of their child and by sending their children to OLA, they invite the staff to join with them in this privileged task. We, therefore, are obligated to do our best as educators to assist parents in guiding the individual development of their children.

At our school, we value the impact each person has on others within our community. We know this to be the most valuable quality to instil in our students, in all of us. Communication and developing relationships are keys to our students’ wellbeing. Our environment embraces our values of ‘Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence’ (RICE) and this is displayed in everything we say and do within our school community.

It is an honour and privilege to be the Principal at OLA and with my dedicated staff, we will work together to embrace, develop and embrace diversity, uniqueness and inclusiveness.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Martin