National Science Week at OLA

As we celebrate National Science Week at OLA this week, our Science Specialist, Mrs Meyerkort, has been focusing her lessons on the National Science Week theme, which is Deep Blue: Innovation for the future of our oceans.

Pre-Primary: The students have been making waves and discovering that by using a rope they can simulate a wave pattern. They tested many objects in their water troughs to see if they could make different shaped waves. Some of them made tsunamis!

Year One and Year Two: The students are currently creating a border art for display in the Curiosity Lab, based on the beauty and diversity of the sea creatures found in our oceans.

Year Three: The students are looking forward to designing a dance and bringing along their sea creature friends to celebrate the magic of the ocean.

Year Four: The students will be putting on their thinking caps to discover ways to solve the problem of plastic straws that pollute our oceans and harm sea creatures in their Last Straw lesson.

Year Five: The students will be illustrating posters to promote the idea of tracking plastic in our oceans and making us aware of what we can do to stop this pollution.

Year Six: The students will be recording a News Flash video in small groups to explain the innovative Western Australian technology of wave energy, and explaining this renewable source of energy for our future, which harnesses the power of the ocean.