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Such an exciting and memorable experience Pre-Kindy is for our 3 year old future leaders of Our Lady’s Assumption School. Ms Mitchell and Mrs Sloss guide and nurture the children as they begin school for the first time. Lots of fun is had exploring, playing, singing, painting, cooking, listening to stories and making lots of new friends.

Please enjoy some of the wonderful images from our latest Pre-Kindy events.
Term 3, Week 3

Term 3, Week 3

n Pre-Kindy, we have been learning how to cooperate, take turns and to share with each other. When one of our friends is upset because we have taken their toy, knocked over their building or pushed in front of them, we have a conversation about how their friend is...

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Term 1, Week 3

Term 1, Week 3

We have had an amazing start to Pre-Kindy! Lots of little faces filled with excitement and enthusiasm have begun their schooling journey. Some leaving their mums and dads for the very first time. Our day is filled with a lot of fun, reading stories, singing, dancing,...

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